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Study: Pool Market Booms in the Sunshine State

According to a recent study by the Florida Swimming Pool Association, the Florida pool industry is making a big splash in the state economy. For the first time since the recession, families are investing in renovations to their pools and the market is experiencing a positive surge in revenue. Not only is this great news for pool builders, but the improvement of the market goes to show that Floridians are looking to enjoy their pools more and more.

The study reports that in 2014 the Florida pool and spa industry contributed $5.4 billion to the economy and created 66,006 jobs throughout the state. As customers are beginning to invest in renovations and high-end supplies for their pool again, inground construction is up 9% throughout the state (which is a 5% bump over the national average). As your Melbourne pool company, we’re happy to see customers making the renovations to their pools that they’ve been waiting for! The boost in the pool market not only improves the state economy, but it also will be able to help keep the poolside sunbathers and cannonball crusaders entertained and healthy for many more hot summers to come.

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