four kids playing swimming pool games

Top 5 Classic Swimming Pool Games

Summertime is just around the corner and along with summer comes sunshine, no school, and endless pool days! If you’re a typical Floridian, you’ve been looking forward to spending days relaxing by the pool, backyard BBQ’s, and warm weather family time since January. There’s nothing better than a backyard full of friends and a pool full of kids enjoying their favorite swimming pool games. If you’re looking to pass along some of the best swimming pool games to the neighborhood kiddos, here’s a reminder of how to play some of the classics:

  1. Marco Polo: This game is best played with a small crowd. One person is “Marco” and must close their eyes and try and tag the rest of the people in the pool. To help find them, the person can yell “Marco!” And everyone else must respond “Polo!” Once someone is tagged, they become the new Marco.
  2. Sharks and Minnows: Basically water tag, this game starts with one shark and several minnows at opposite ends of the pool. When the shark yells “minnows in,” all of the minnows need to jump in the pool and try to make it to the other end without getting tagged by the shark. Every minnow that’s tagged by the shark becomes a member of the shark’s team and helps to tag the other minnows.
  3. Dolphin Race: This game is pretty simple, whoever can swim the furthest distance underwater without taking a breath is the winner.
  4. Chicken Fight: For this game it’s important to keep safety in mind! There are two teams of two people and each team has a “bottom” and a “top.” The people on top of their partner’s shoulders fight to knock their opponent into the water.
  5. Diving for Treasure: If you have goggles and objects that will sink to the bottom of the pool, this is a perfect game! Simply toss the object (pennies or dive sticks work well) to the bottom of the pool and allow the kids to race to collect the most “treasure.” Whoever collects the most items first is the winner. 

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