father and son in pool

Five Essential Pool Safety Tips

As your Melbourne pool company, we’re big advocates of pool fun, but we also want to make sure that our customers are staying safe! Making pool safety a priority in your backyard is important for a fun experience for everyone from the little ones up to mom and dad. Here are some of our tips for staying safe in your pool:

  • Always watch children when they’re in or around the pool
  • If you’re living with little ones be sure to secure your pool with proper barriers
  • Make sure all swimmers have been taught basic water safety
  • Keep your pool clean with proper chemical levels, circulation, and filtration
  • Establish necessary pool rules such as no running or diving

These are just a few simple ways to make your backyard a safer place for swimmers. Having little ones take swim lessons early ensures a lifetime of pool safety. Life jackets, adult supervision, and an understanding of pool rules are all things that children need before entering the pool area. To learn more about how to keep your pool safe, the Red Cross has an extended list of guidelines for pool owners. Once your Aqua Blue pool is complete, be sure to lay down the ground rules and hop in!