swimming pool under construction

Understanding Your Pool Construction Process

Building your dream pool is an exciting process. Picking your favorite tile, water features, and pool shape with the help of Aqua Blue allows you to feel like a partner throughout the whole design and construction process. While the team at Aqua Blue Pools has the experience and expertise to create your dream oasis, it helps to understand the construction process it takes to get there.

Engineering and Permitting: Once your design is decided upon, your engineered plans will be finalized and your contractor will pull the appropriate permits.

Excavation: During this phase, the crew will stake out your property according to the layout of the pool. Heavy equipment will be brought in to dig and remove dirt and steel reinforcing bars will be installed. During this phase an inspection is required and building inspectors and unexpected weather delays may take extra time.

Tile and Plumbing: Your plumbing lines will be put in under the surface and your pool equipment and tile will be installed.

Decking and Grading: The ground around your pool will be graded for the deck and the deck will be installed.

Equipment and Electric: A licensed electrician will perform all the necessary electrical work, typically this is subcontracted, but Aqua Blue Pools does no subcontracting on our pool construction. We’re fully licensed and insured and have our own State Master Electrician.

Child Safety: To keep kids safe, The Barrier Law requires door and window alarms, an approved safety pool cover, self-latching doors, or a safety fence to be installed.

Final Cleanup: The crew will clean up any construction materials and level the ground surrounding your pool.

Interior Finish: The interior finish of your choice will be completed and your pool will be filled with water.

Startup: You will be instructed on how to maintain your new pool and add the proper chemicals.

At Aqua Blue Pools we believe that a quality installation can only be completed by our own employees, so there will be no subcontracting on your pool construction. Our relationship with the United Aqua Group also allows us to offer the most “state of the art” pool equipment and building techniques to our clients. When you choose Aqua Blue for your pool construction, you’re choosing quality from beginning to end. Talk to us about how to get started!