halloween pumpkin

Celebrate Halloween Poolside

Here in Central Florida, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy pool season months longer than our northern counterparts. While many people are bundling up to go trick or treating, us Floridians can enjoy a dip in the pool. With just a few tricks and quite a few treats, you can turn your pool into a spooky scene for an epic halloween bash. Here are a few ideas for throwing a spooktacular halloween pool party:

  • Pumpkin overload: Having pumpkins floating in your pool is a great way to add some liveliness to your decorations. Since pumpkins float, you can choose to use real pumpkins with candles inside to set the mood. If you want to go a simpler route, plastic pumpkins can look just as great.
  • Eerie fog: To add a spooky aurora to your backyard, dry ice or fog machines have an awesome effect. If you do choose to put dry ice in the pool, be careful not to let anyone swim since dry ice can cause skin burns.
  • Skeletons and spider webs: It’s easy to add spider webs to bushes and trees surrounding your pool for a classic decoration. Propping up a skeleton in a pool float is also a fun focal point for guests to enjoy.
  • Glowing hands: To add some unique lighting to your pool, latex gloves with glow sticks inside make great floating hands.
  • Games galore: Diving for weighted glow sticks, volleyball with orange and black balls, costume contests, scavenger hunts for Halloween colored eggs, and diving for pumpkins are all fun games to keep kids and adults entertained.
  • Themed music: Finding a CD or online playlist to set the mood with Halloween-style music and sound effects.

Whether you choose to makeover your backyard in Halloween decor or throw a big Halloween bash, take time to enjoy the fun with family and friends! With just a handful of decorations, your backyard oasis can be transformed into the spookiest pool in town. Happy Halloween from Aqua Blue Pools!