water bottle and running shoes by the pool

Top Pool Exercises You Should Try

While you may think of your pool as your favorite spot to relax and unwind, it can also be a great place to squeeze in a good workout! Aquatic exercise has many health benefits and is helpful in increasing both strength and flexibility. Pool exercise is a great option for all ages as it helps to improve cardiovascular health, balance, agility, and more without stressing the joints. If you’re looking to add something new to your health regimen, or are looking for a good place to start improving your health, here are few exercises to try in your Aqua Blue Pool:

Water Walking or Running

In chest-high water, walk about 20 steps forward and 20 steps backward. To increase the intensity, you can increase the pace to a jog or jog in place. Try to keep up the pace for 5 minutes.


Simply take a large lunging step forward without allowing your knee to pass over your toe, return back to standing, and repeat on the other leg. You can also try side lunges or walking forward and backwards for a variation in the exercise. Try to do 3 sets of about 10 lunges on each leg.


Facing your pool wall, take about 20 steps in both directions. Try to repeat the exercise twice in each direction.

Hip Kickers

For this exercise, stand with the pool at your side for support. Kick one leg forward with your leg straight and return to normal. Repeat the motion to both the side and back. Try doing 3 sets of 10 on each side.


Place your hands about shoulder distance apart on the edge of the pool and slowly raise your body in and out of the pool similarly to a normal pushup. For an easier variation, you can push your body closer and further from the wall, rather than in and out of the water.

The water alone offers great resistance to help strengthen muscles without too much strain on your joints, but you can also add weights to certain exercises to increase the difficulty. Rather than hitting the gym, consider taking a dip in your pool to get in a good workout – afterwards you can grab a pool float and relax!