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Winterizing Your Florida Pool

Luckily here in the Sunshine State we don’t have to worry about shoveling snow or icy streets. When winter comes along in Brevard County, the chilly weather is a nice change of pace that reminds us all that the Holidays are near. Even though it rarely freezes in Florida, when the weather cools down there are steps that you can take to help prepare your Aqua Blue Pool for some cooler temperatures. Here are some tips from the Florida Swimming Pool Association:

  • Reduce your pool’s run time to less than four hours if you’re not turning the heat on
  • Cut back on your chemical consumption by turning down your generator or chlorinator
  • Cover your pool overnight to keep in the heat and reduce evaporation
  • Be sure to run your pump overnight if there is a freeze warning

In the rare case of a Florida freeze warning, it’s important to remove your skimmer baskets, ladders, and other wall fittings. Be sure to drain all of your pool equipment, including your pumping, chlorinating, filtering, and heating equipment. It can also help to balance your pool water and shock the pool in addition to putting on your pool cover during a freeze warning.  

If cooler temperatures mean saying goodbye to enjoying your pool, maybe it’s time to consider adding a heater to your backyard paradise. Just because the weather cools down doesn’t mean that your pool has to! As your Brevard County pool company, we can install a heating system that will allow you to enjoy your pool all year round. Wintertime is also the best time of year to enjoy relaxing in your backyard spa, so be sure to budget for the addition of your dream spa in your next remodeling project.

To learn more about remodeling services from your Melbourne swimming pool builder or for more information about caring for your pool in the wintertime, give the experts at Aqua Blue Pools a call today!