Swimming pool testing kit

Choosing Proper Pool Chemicals

Your pool should be sparkling clean and ready when you are, but it doesn’t keep itself that way on its own. Maintaining the beauty and function of your pool requires […]

pool vacuum

Energy Efficiency and Your Pool

When designing a new pool or renovating an original pool, many homeowners are looking for the best ways reduce their energy output and energy costs. You don’t have to sacrifice […]

pool waterfall

Four Upgrades to Add to Your Pool Remodel

If you’re upgrading your backyard paradise, there are probably certain features that you’ve considered adding. Whether you have your heart set on adding a spa or have been thinking about […]

decorated backyard with a swimming pool

Ten Poolside Decor Ideas

So you’ve just built your dream pool. It’s perfect, it has every feature you could have dreamed of, and your family has been jumping in nonstop. While you probably thought […]

a swimming pool with green LED lighting

Pool Renovation Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

Are you tired of your old or outdated swimming pool? Are you dreaming about renovating your pool, but don’t want to break the bank? If you’re looking to avoid a […]

blue pool tiles

Choosing the Right Tile for Your Pool Remodel

When you finally decide to take the plunge to install or renovate your dream pool, it’s important to choose the right features that will last you and your family a […]

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Three Things to Consider When Designing Your Pool

Almost everyone dreams of having their very own pool – somewhere for neighborhood cookouts, quality family time, and relaxation. When you choose to design your own backyard paradise with Aqua […]

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Your Dream Remodel: 6 Ways to Liven Up Your Pool

Your pool has given you years of enjoyment. It’s been your destination of choice for relaxing summer afternoons, pool parties, family BBQ’s, and the occasional workout. But after showing your […]

Woman in pool

What Is Your Pool Paradise?

In the land of eternal summer, it’s always the perfect time of year to enjoy a pool paradise. As your Melbourne swimming pool builders and remodelers, we see peoples’ backyards […]