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Four Reasons to Choose Aqua Blue for Your Pool Remodel

Your pool has given you and your family years of enjoyment, but is it starting to show signs of wear and tear? Whether it’s cracks on the floor, missing tiles, […]

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Meet Brevard’s Most Experienced Full-Service Pool Company

The Underwood family has been building backyard vacations for Brevard County homeowners since man first walked on the moon. In the 1960s, Bob and Althea Underwood opened a small pool […]

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Your Dream Remodel: 6 Ways to Liven Up Your Pool

Your pool has given you years of enjoyment. It’s been your destination of choice for relaxing summer afternoons, pool parties, family BBQ’s, and the occasional workout. But after showing your […]

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Does Your Backyard Oasis Need a Pool Renovation?

Your pool may be the crown jewel of your backyard paradise in Melbourne – but is it looking a little dull? Or even more troubling, is your tile cracking or the […]

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Take a Dip in the Pool for a Healthier You

While you’re enjoying your backyard paradise, did you realize you’re also burning calories, improving your mood, and strengthening your heart? Swimming has many physical and emotional benefits that will have […]

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The Importance of Teaching Children to Swim

While you might have been swimming with family or a few friends in your backyard pool on June 18th, 2015, there were thousands of children across the globe learning the […]

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How the Modern Swimming Pool Came to Be

The origin of the swimming pool may date back thousands of years, but the existence of swimming pools in America has a much more recent history. Tracing back the start […]

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The Ancient Origins of Today’s Swimming Pool

Have you ever wondered how swimming pools got their start? When did society make the switch from finding natural watering holes to creating pools of water on demand? Evidence from […]

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors With Backyard Pool Time

June is nationally-recognized as the ‘Great Outdoors’ month. Here at Aqua Blue Pools & Spa, we love spending time outdoors – especially if it involves a swimming pool! Enjoying the great […]