Woman sitting by the pool with a notepad, pool renovations melbourne

Does Your Backyard Oasis Need a Pool Renovation?

Your pool may be the crown jewel of your backyard paradise in Melbourne – but is it looking a little dull? Or even more troubling, is your tile cracking or the pool surface showing stains? All of these are indications that your pool is ready for a renovation!

At Aqua Blue Pools & Spa, we have decades of experience in pool renovations and construction in Melbourne and beyond. We love to see the surprise and delight that comes from remodeling a tired pool into a beautiful backyard oasis once again. Here are three of the most important factors to consider when planning a pool remodel project:

  • Resurfacing: You’ll have the opportunity to decide on a new pool surface material, deck refinishing in several colors, and tiles that come in over 60 different varieties.
  • Pool Automation: A pool renovation is a great time to install the technology necessary for automated pool operation. Control pool lights and spa jets, all from a handy app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Saltwater Generator: If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a lower-maintenance saltwater system, then a pool renovation is the perfect time to make the transition. Less chemicals and less maintenance time means more swimming enjoyment!

Don’t let the crown jewel of your backyard fall into disrepair. Schedule a consultation with Aqua Blue today and start making plans for a beautiful pool renovation. The comparatively small investment you make today will mean rich rewards in the future as you add value to your home and enhance your pool paradise!