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Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

One could say that the majority people in Melbourne are swimming pool regulars, after all we get to enjoy our backyard paradises most of the year! You may think that you know all the truths about your swimming pool, but did you realize that some of the most common assumptions surrounding swimming pools are no more than hearsay? Here are the top five swimming pool myths debunked:

  • Chlorine makes your eyes red: You’ve probably experienced red, itchy eyes after spending hours enjoying your pool, but the culprit of your red eyes is actually a byproduct of chlorine, chloramine. Chloramines typically result from an under-chlorinated or poorly chlorinated pool, not over-chlorination.
  • There are chemicals to reveal urine in water: Despite what Hollywood says, there has yet to be a chemical created that can detect urine in water.
  • If you can smell the chemicals, your pool is clean: A properly cleaned pool should have no smell at all. If you’re smelling chemicals, it’s most likely from a release of chloramines tasked with cleaning extra contaminants in the water.
  • You must wait an hour after eating to swim: This myth came from the old idea that swimming after eating will lead to a severe, paralyzing cramp that will cause drowning. There has never been a US report of drowning from post-meal cramps and this science is still unsupported.
  • Chlorine turns blonde hair green: Copper sulfate, used to combat algae, is actually the culprit behind green hair.  

Now that you know the truth behind the most common pool misconceptions, you and your family can jump in and enjoy without continuing the urban legends plaguing pooltime fun. At Aqua Blue Pools, we believe your pool should always be sparkling so you don’t have to worry about green hair or dry eyes after swimming. We offer comprehensive pool care to transform your pool from a weekly chore to everyday luxury, give us a call today!