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The History of Pools in the U.S.

Historians believe that the first pool, known as The Great Bath, was constructed in ancient Pakistan over 5,000 years ago. The Greeks and Romans soon followed suit building pools throughout […]

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15 Fun Facts About Swimming

People have been swimming since the beginning of time. Whether it’s for exercise, cleanliness, competition, or fun, swimming is an activity that everyone can join in on once they know […]

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Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

One could say that the majority people in Melbourne are swimming pool regulars, after all we get to enjoy our backyard paradises most of the year! You may think that […]

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Take a Dip in the Pool for a Healthier You

While you’re enjoying your backyard paradise, did you realize you’re also burning calories, improving your mood, and strengthening your heart? Swimming has many physical and emotional benefits that will have […]

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How the Modern Swimming Pool Came to Be

The origin of the swimming pool may date back thousands of years, but the existence of swimming pools in America has a much more recent history. Tracing back the start […]