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How the Modern Swimming Pool Came to Be

The origin of the swimming pool may date back thousands of years, but the existence of swimming pools in America has a much more recent history. Tracing back the start of the backyard swimming pool underscores the cherished spot they’ve carved out in the depiction of the American Dream.

The oldest in-ground pool in the United States started as a swimming hole in the Colorado River, dubbed ‘Deep Eddy Pool.’ The Austin, Texas swimming hole naturally bubbled up cold water and for many years it attracted swimmers looking to cool down. In 1915, a man named A.J. Eilers, Sr. bought the land around the hole and transformed it from a natural watering hole to the first in-ground concrete pool. Eilers went on to add cabins, camping, concessions and more to make the pool a resort destination. The Deep Eddy Pool is still one of Austin’s top spots to cool down on a hot day!

Interestingly, the above-ground pool made an even earlier appearance. The Philadelphia Racquet Club hired the famous bridge builders, Roebling Construction Company to expand the club’s recreational offerings with one of the world’s first above-ground pools.

Though Americans were enjoying public swimming pools as places to see and be seen, the backyard swimming pool began to take root after World War II. Movies and Hollywood stars glamorized the swimming pool and made it seem like one of life’s must-have luxuries. Soon, the swimming pool incorporated itself into the ‘American Dream’ and backyards across the country became a pool paradise. The rest is history! If you’re missing your slice of backyard paradise, then give Aqua Blue a call today.