Kid relaxing in pool

Your Dream Remodel: 6 Ways to Liven Up Your Pool

Your pool has given you years of enjoyment. It’s been your destination of choice for relaxing summer afternoons, pool parties, family BBQ’s, and the occasional workout. But after showing your pool years of love, is it starting to show signs of wear and tear? Whether it’s cracks or stains on your pool deck, tacky tile, or your lifestyle has changed, Aqua Blue has the team and the tools to restore your pool to its former glory!

We offer pool resurfacing in numerous types of finishes, colors, and your choice of over 60 imported pool tiles. Here are 6 upgrades and features to consider adding to your remodel plans:

  1. Blue or Teal Aqua Gems: Combine the strength and beauty of quartz with a permanent inorganic pigment, creating a strong and elegant looking pool surface. The Aqua Gems can strengthen plaster finishes, and can withstand common issues with pool water chemistry.
  2. Laminar Jets and Deck Jets: Add breathtaking water arches for a luxurious look you’ll never grow tired of!
  3. River Rok: For a durable, long lasting pool surface, river rok combines natural pebbles and cement for a superior appearance and extensive lifetime.
  4. Multi-color LED Lights: Transform your pool into an outdoor oasis with solid color or color-changing, high-intensity LED lights.
  5. Rock Waterfalls: Add a synthetic or natural waterfall to your pool for a view you can love for years.
  6. Spa Additions: What can be better than spending time relaxing in your spa after a long day? We know you’ll love this one!

If you’re looking to give your pool a fun and luxurious remodel, Aqua Blue has the experience and expertise to make your backyard vision a reality. We have a large selection of upgrades and features to give your pool the right look and a commitment to quality for a perfect finish. To get started on your dream pool remodel, give us a call today!