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Top 5 Classic Swimming Pool Games

Summertime is just around the corner and along with summer comes sunshine, no school, and endless pool days! If you’re a typical Floridian, you’ve been looking forward to spending days […]

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Study: Pool Market Booms in the Sunshine State

According to a recent study by the Florida Swimming Pool Association, the Florida pool industry is making a big splash in the state economy. For the first time since the […]

blue pool tiles

Choosing the Right Tile for Your Pool Remodel

When you finally decide to take the plunge to install or renovate your dream pool, it’s important to choose the right features that will last you and your family a […]

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Could Your Pool be the Solution to Your Stress?

Whether it’s work, the kids, school, or pesky neighbors contributing to your stress, it happens to everyone. It can be hard to unwind after busy days, but not taking the […]

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The History of Pools in the U.S.

Historians believe that the first pool, known as The Great Bath, was constructed in ancient Pakistan over 5,000 years ago. The Greeks and Romans soon followed suit building pools throughout […]

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15 Fun Facts About Swimming

People have been swimming since the beginning of time. Whether it’s for exercise, cleanliness, competition, or fun, swimming is an activity that everyone can join in on once they know […]

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Three Things to Consider When Designing Your Pool

Almost everyone dreams of having their very own pool – somewhere for neighborhood cookouts, quality family time, and relaxation. When you choose to design your own backyard paradise with Aqua […]

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Meet Brevard’s Most Experienced Full-Service Pool Company

The Underwood family has been building backyard vacations for Brevard County homeowners since man first walked on the moon. In the 1960s, Bob and Althea Underwood opened a small pool […]

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5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Backyard for Winter

Here in Melbourne, our winters typically consist of sandy Christmas mornings and sweaters instead of white snow and ski jackets. Though we don’t have any snow, sleet, or ice, when […]